Savory Cranberry Breaded Shrimp and Waffles

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To make these fun appetizers you’ll need the following ingredients:

•Gortons Breaded Butterfly Shrimp

•frozen mini waffles

•cream cheese


•red bell pepper


•whole berry cranberry sauce

(Use entire box of breaded shrimp for this recipe)

Cook shrimp according to instructions.

While the shrimp is baking, you can make the glaze to pour over the cooked shrimp. Take 1 tablespoon of agave and half a can of whole cranberries then mixed them together. Set aside to pour over the shrimp once its done cooking. Let the cranberry glaze settle into the shrimp before placing the pieces on top of the waffles.

To make the cream cheese mixture take one medium-sized jalapeño and red bell pepper then dice to add into softened cream cheese. Also, add a dash of garlic powder for seasoning.

Toast mini waffles then cut them apart. Let them cool before spreading the cream cheese mixture over them.

After placing the breaded shrimp on top of the waffles you can use any leftover glaze to drizzle over the top if you prefer.

Spoonie Mom Blogs: Jaime Sanders of Migraine Diva


Jaime Sanders of Migraine Diva

When I first met Jaime it was through one of the many online support groups for people living with chronic migraines. She was a friendly face amongst the sea of migraineurs that always had insightful content on Twitter and Facebook. Her positive outlook on the worst of days is part of what makes this spoonie mom remarkable.

A few months back I finally had a chance to speak to Jaime about the exciting things happening in her life.

During our very long conversation I learned that we had quite alot in common. The 30 years of living with migraines, more failed treatments than successful ones, the debilitating physical/emotional pain all the while trying to be the loving wife and mom was something we both connected on.

Her blog is a true reflection of who she really is. She’s very open about the way each of her ailments complicate her every day life. This woman does not hold anything back when she writes her posts. I admire that!

Despite all of the challenging obstacles that Jaime endured in her lifetime, she knew it was those unfortunate circumstances that would give her the courage to help educate others about chronic migraines and depression.

This past August, she was invited to sit on the More to Migraine Panel during the BlogHer Event.

This is a photo that features the More to Migraine Panel at the 2016 BlogHer event. Jaime joined Dr. Susan Hutchinson, a headache specialist and migraine sufferer, Shannon Albert, a patient speaker, and Serene Branson, who served as the moderator.

She even had the opportunity to join an Excedrin campaign that focused on fostering empathy from those that might not understand why migraines are not just headaches.

This is one of the videos that Jaime appears in.

All I have to say is this woman is on fire! I see great things in Jaime’s future. Possibly a talk show with that stellar personality.

Jaime is a beautiful person on the inside as she is on the outside. I am truly honored to know this migraine diva and lucky enough to call her my friend.

To learn more about Jaime and view the other videos by Excedrin visit her blog:

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