SPG Blocks: Treatment for Migraine and Cluster Headaches

Each person living with migraine experiences different outcomes when it comes to pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments. In this article for Longevity, I share how a procedure called a SPG Block, helps with both my vestibular migraine and cluster headaches.


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  1. Hi! I write in desperation. My hubby has had a migraine now for nearly 300 days we’ve tried meds, spg blocks, botox etc, and has the dizziness and nausea too. I’d love to know what works for you! His story is long and complex.

  2. Hello Lisa! Let be the first one to tell you THANK YOU for being by your husband’s side through his frustrating and painful ordeal with the migraine disease. I’ve tried so many different things in the past 5 years to lessen the frequency of my migraine attacks, only to have them fail me. It was 8 months ago when my body finally responded in a more positive way to SPG blocks. Do keep in mind each person living with migraine responds differently to the treatments they try. A good neurologist or headache specialist will look at which symptoms are the worst with their patient and work from there. My biggest issue was vertigo and decreased motor skills. The pain was bad, but it wasn’t what kept me from needing help to get around. We focused on treating the most debilitating symptoms and the rest basically fell into place. I always opt for a safe and non-pharmaceutical approach, if at all possible. That’s why I always use my Cryohelmet and Boost Oxygen to aid with my head pain, light headiness, and nausea. My teen that has abdominal migraine is much more difficult to treat due to the stomach pain he often faces during an attack. Heating pads or icing his stomach doesn’t help in his particular situation. When he has a headache related to his migraine is when we are able to be more proactive. He was prescribed a preventive to take every morning and abortive to take at the early onset of migraine related symptoms. The main thing is to talk with your neurologist or headache specialist about trying a different approach. If they state there is nothing more they can do to help your husband, it is time to find another healthcare provider. Continue to fight for your husband to have the best care! It is the only way he has to live a much better quality of life. The best of luck to the both of you! -JP

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