Jogging Journal: Day 6

Tuesday, December 12th at 4:31 A.M. – I didn’t need an alarm to wake me from my deep slumber. The town’s snow plows did an excellent job of that! Obviously, my morning work-out was going to consist of using a snow shovel before I did anything else.

I dressed in 3 layers of clothing AGAIN then made my way to the front of my house where I proceeded to shovel the porch, 5 steps and the LONG sidewalk leading to Main Street.

I love being a homeowner, but my body isn’t quite on board with all the work I’ve had to put into making my house look presentable on the outside.

After 30 minutes of clearing the 3-4 inches of snow so that I could make it off my own property, I decided to at least walk a mile. My body wasn’t bothering at that point and walking would help me to clear my mind for writing later that day.

All and all, my morning was rather productive. I got a good upper body work-out and no joint pain that whole day. That my friends, is what I would call a small victory!

Until next time….