Happy Anniversary to The Storms That Fated Us

It’s hard to believe The Storms That Fated US was released 4 years ago today. This book has a lot of sentimental value to me personally and professionally.  The fact I became a #1 best selling author, that remained on the best sellers list for over 5 months, still amazes me to this very day!

What can I say other thank my readers are awesome and without their love for my work, I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without them!

So here are some fun facts about Storms:

-Most of the characters are actually based off of high school friends. They were more than happy to give me permission to use their real names in my book.

-I did start a cabinet drawer on fire to authenticate a certain part in the story.

-I wrote a chapter of Storms during a 4 hour long power outage. What a way to be in the moment!

-Tia is based off of me and YES Carson is based off of a guy I once had an incredibly close bond with.

So there you have it! I’m Tia, but with an entirely different happily ever after without my Carson.

Genre: New Adult Romance

As Tia Deltoro’s twenty-third birthday approaches, she looks forward to meeting up with her old high school friends and hitting the ski slopes. But what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend getaway in a cottage overlooking the mountains turns into a hellish nightmare when Tia unmistakably recognizes the person delivering their firewood. It has been five years since Tia graduated from New Holston High, yet she remains emotionally shackled to her past, or more specifically, to her one and only ex-best friend Carson Rodriguez, the man holding the bundle of firewood. When he accuses Tia of setting up their chance meeting she fires back, running him off.

Unfortunately for these two former friends, Mother Nature decides to show them an intervention they’ll never forget! The drastic shift in weather conditions causes Carson to return and wait out the storm with Tia.

As the temperature drops and the strong winds level their only means of shelter one window and roof tile at a time, one question remains… Will Tia and Carson be able to put aside their anger towards each other long enough to survive another storm?

To grab your copy of The Storms That Fated Us you can click on the link that I provided here.