Best Buy: We Love You 3000 Tour

Tonight’s adventures bring my boys and me back to Minnesota for the #weloveyou3000 tour, where we’ll get to meet Avengers Endgame co-director, Anthony Russo.

My teens actually wanted to camp outdoors so we could be one of the first 100 people in line for this Marvel Studios event. What was so important about being one of the first 100 people in line? Those individuals would receive a Funko Pop, a signed poster by Anthony Russo, and some other fun little Marvel swag.

Our arrival time was 8:30 PM. We brought three fold-out chairs, plenty of snacks, and our electronic devices to keep us busy. I can honestly say I’ve never camped overnight for any event. But, at least the weather is favorable, and my boys are great company.

With 3 trips to the gas station down the road, then taking a few short naps in the back of my SUV, then going back to the fold-up chair so one of my boys could get some sleep in the vehicle, I have to say it wasn’t all that bad camping outside of Best Buy.

This is the line for the Minnesota Marvel Studios We Love You 3000 Tour as of 8 AM. Even though I’m running on only 3hrs of sleep, I still can’t wait to see the props from Avengers Endgame and meet co-director Anthony Russo.

Once we entered the Best Buy store, we were given wristbands, and an employee started writing numbers on them that indicated our place in line; then made our way to the area where Co-director of Avengers Endgame Anthony Russo was ready to do autographs for his fans that anxiously awaited his visit.

It was around 1 P.M. when my boys and I finally made our way back to Wisconsin. My boys slept the entire ride home, which was 4 hours, but I was okay with that. We made fun summertime memories. Ones that I hope we will continue to do for more events.

The Global Leadership Summit 2019

I will be doing media coverage at this year’s Global Leadership Summit in Howard Wisconsin. This two-day event is going to be broadcasted live at the Green Bay Community Church Campus.

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