Today Parenting Team: Family Emergency

My family recently experienced a difficult situation that left us wondering if I’d lose my daughter and unborn grandson.

As hard as it was to have my child go through a life altering ordeal twice in a matter of days, I realized how important it was to respect that hospitals have new policies in place to lessen the treat of their medical staff and patients developing the coronavirus.

In my latest Today Show #ParentingTeam post, I share a glimpse of the unexpected events that unfolded a month ago and how I’m truly thankful to the surgeon, nurses, and rest of the medical staff for being with my daughter when it wasn’t possible for me to be.

Today Parenting: Being an Essential Employee

Here’s my latest article on how being an essential employee and how I’m often conflicted on how close I should be to my kids after my shift is done for the day.

Texas or Bust!

In 25 days I will be living back in Texas and starting my new job managing the Social Media Development for the company I currently work for.

I’m nervous and excited. My overall health is a top priority, next to my kids wellbeing. I know it’ll take time for all of us to adjust to our new lives, but everything will be just fine.

We just have to take it one day at a time.

Today Parenting Team: How to Have a Less Stressful Road Trip This Holiday Season

Check out my latest Today Parenting Team article on how I figured out ways to have less stressful road trips with my kids.

The Global Leadership Summit 2019

I will be doing media coverage at this year’s Global Leadership Summit in Howard Wisconsin. This two-day event is going to be broadcasted live at the Green Bay Community Church Campus.

To learn all about The Global Leadership Summit, check out my latest article featured on the Medium’s website.

How to Help Your Kids and Tweens Cope with the Loss of a Celebrity

I woke up early Sunday morning to see the news that Cameron Boyce, a beloved Disney actor, unexpectedly passed away due to complications from an epileptic seizure.

It was a shock to me mainly because I had no idea Cameron even had this lifelong medical condition. All three of my kids watched this very talented actor on the small and big screen. Situations, where celebrities pass away due to various reasons, can surprise even their youngest fans. Questions usually follow and my parent duty is to help answer those inquiries to the best of my abilities.

In most cases, our children are left upset. Maybe they looked up to that particular person or was influenced by something their character did. In my latest Today Parenting Team article, I share how I previously helped my kids to cope with the loss of an actor they adored.

Wizard World Chicago 2019

If you already didn’t know, my kids and I love attending all types of Pop Culture events. In my latest Today Parenting Team article, I share all about my experience at last year’s Wizard World Chicago.

Interview with ABC 7 Los Angeles’ Denise Dador about Migraine and Aimovig

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Denise Dador from ABC 7 Los Angeles right before the kickoff to BlogHer Health 2019. I shared how chronic migraine had impacted my life and why I’m more than happy that Aimovig arrived when it did.

Dr. Amaal Starling and I join ABC 7 Los Angeles’ Denise Dador for a selfie before our #moveovermigraine panel discussion during Thursday’s BlogHer Health.

To watch my interview, just click on the link that I’ve provided below.

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